Welcome to my poetry space – Share a Little Happiness.

Welcome to my poetry space. Share a Little Happiness

 Welcome to my poetry space – Share a Little Happiness.

What I have loved whilst really getting to know myself and tapping into my joy, is that there is always more amazing things to unlock. I would of never thought of myself as a writer, and loathed the very thought of it. Any academic work was always done through blood, sweat and tears. So please always keep an open mind as the very things that you despise, can turn out to be your greatest joy.

So with that said, I found myself gravitating more and more to writing poetry and becoming more creative over the past few years, something that has come as a lovely surprise. It’s taken a while to feel confident to put my musings for public display but I felt if they touched another heart, surely its then best to share them.

These are my experiences and observations about happiness. So if you like what you read and they resonate with you please go ahead and share these poems and follow me on social media, tag your friends in my posts and literally, share a little happiness.

Remember happiness starts with you.

All the best

Ali x

Spread a little happiness and share.

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