Little Things Make Me Happy.

What’s in a day?

Picture this, it’s just after 6 in the morning, you’re just beginning to stir and face a new day. What do you do next?….. For some, it’s just another day. That was me, before I realised how much the little things make me happy.

Having spent periods of my life turning over in my bed, pulling the cover over, not having the energy to face another day. When I did make it out of bed, I would look to retreat at any given moment. I knew things had to change but little did I know then, how effective the simple things in life were.

Motivational author Louise Hay, reminds us in her quote that,


How true she is !!!………………. And how I would have argued,” it’s not as simple as that”.

Waking up and smelling the roses.

I’ve always had a fascination for words and personal development. I thought the more I read, the more I would learn and that would be the answer to solving all my woes. However, I found myself lost in this world where I read but didn’t really believe, and I thought what I was reading was all too simple. I thought in order to feel any benefit it needed to be far more complicated than that.

It now reminds me of words I used to say to my children when they were younger, when they questioned ”Is Santa real Mummy?”

My reply being, ” If you believe in Santa, you keep the magic, but sadly if you stop believing then the magic goes”.

Never has a truer word been said. I had lost all the magic by not really believing what I was learning or reading and because I  had surmised that it needed to be more difficult than that, I wasn’t ‘doing’.
I was continually trying to get through each day as I hadn’t woken up and smelt the roses to what was available to me.

Back to basics.

I know I’m not the only one with their head down, dreading what was to become of the day but at times it felt like it. Little did I realise that my childhood grace before meals was so beneficial.  I just said grace because that is what we did. How many of us, just follow suit because we are told to, or just follow the crowd without really ever thinking about what we are doing and therefore never recognising the importance it may hold?

We learn to take things for granted.

The busier life gets, the more competition, the need to fit in, all contribute to our lack of appreciation for the wonder of the magical little things.

As stated earlier I knew things had to change and then one day that’s just what happened, I started ‘doing’. I had read about gratitude many times before but still not linked it with my childhood mealtime rituals and so dismissed it again.  still believing it surely couldn’t be enough. However things got to a stage where I needed to do something as I was losing everything around me. So I purchased a gratitude journal and became determined to make it the first thing I did every morning.  At first, it was so hard, learning to train myself to see things differently and recognise what I had in my life to be grateful for, whilst keeping the momentum but then the magic began.

And so the wonder begins.

There is a myth that it takes 21 days to change a habit and whether true or not, I found it useful to build my momentum, especially in the first few days. Then I began to notice the change in how I felt when I wrote about the little things I was grateful for,  like the sound of the waves roaring, the fiery sunset at night, the squirrels playing mischievously in the park, the birds singing soulfully, the glistening of the sun hitting the sea and the sound of children playing in the school playground. I began to feel more alive and connected to the scent and beauty of the flowers , the sound of my children coming in the door after a day at school, singing at the top of their voices, the joy of watching my husband skimming pebbles with our children at the beach, down to being grateful for the water I drink and the food I have on my table.
All of this available to me each and every day but I had forgotten how much this all meant to me until I made it my focus and woke up to the little things that make me happy. The more I wrote in my journal each day the more I was thankful for what I had.

A little reminder.

So picture this, its just after 6 in the morning, you’re just beginning to stir and face a new day, What do you do next?…….Will you wake up to the magic that is laying dormant inside of you or see it as just another day?


Here is a poem from e.a.s found in Word Porn that helps to highlight my point. I hope you enjoy.


It’s the little things.

Sunsets, coffee, long drives,

Giggles, sappy movies, ice-cream,

deep conversation, cozy socks and

music. These things are so little,

yet mean a great deal to me.

Suppose, it is not the extent of

things ”small or big” that

make a difference.


But perhaps, the extent to which

they spark a fire in you’re soul, that

no substance on earth can extinguish,

leaving you to burn with

a passion for life.


I would love to read you’re comments, please let me know if this post has been useful to you and if I can help in any way, please let me know.

Remember happiness starts with you.

All the best

Ali x











Spread a little happiness and share.

22 thoughts on “Little Things Make Me Happy.

  1. Nadja says:

    Wonderful post! I was reading and thinking what is my perception of a new day. How do I live… day and life. Do I really appreciate what was given to me? Do I appreciate what I have now? It is so important to have a kind of external look to my daily life.
    Thank you for sharing. It is really inspiring.

    • Ali says:

      I’m so glad you gained so much from my post and it gave you the opportunity to ask those questions. It really is important to observe and become aware as it can have such an impact on how you live your life. Thanks for your kind comments. All the best Ali

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Ali,

    very powerful post! I want to thank you for that. It’s a valuable reminder to cherish the little things, the tiny wonders that this world places in front of us; all the time. Too often in our daily lives we miss out on them because we are in hurry, because we have sorrows or just because we don’t care. I should maybe make this a habit as well! Nah, not maybe: Let’s do this! I commit myself to write down 1 THING I was thankful for TODAY each day for the next 21 days!

    Who’s in to join me? 🙂

    Great inspiration,

    • Ali says:

      Thank you so much Chris. I’m glad it has had an impact and wait until you see the wonderful changes you feel from focusing on those things you have to be thankful for. I just love writing mine down everyday it has made such a difference to me and helps to keep me grounded. All the best. Ali

  3. Melinda says:

    If you stop believing in Santa, the magic goes. Oh goodness, I was too much of a logical child. I couldn’t figure out how Santa could make it all the way around the world when it took seemingly forever to cross town and get to my best friend’s house. Just didn’t add up in my mind. Maybe I’ll have to start believing in magic.

    • Ali says:

      Ha ha Melinda, I love your comment, that is it exactly, magical things happen when we stop trying to figure them out and just have an open mind to possibilities. I hope this post will help you to see the many wonders of each and every day.

  4. Nate says:

    Great post! I agree that we so easily take for granted the things we have in life. Just think of your 5 senses. We use them on a daily basis, but what would happen if we were to lose one of them? Or not be able walk?

    Whenever I start to get down and depressed, I always tell myself it could be worse! I have all the essentials I need in life and although I may want more, I should be happy with what I have.

    One thing that definitely makes me happy is my dog Raph. He gives unconditional love and I do not take that for granted.

    Thanks again for a thought provoking post!

    • Ali says:

      Hi Nate, thanks for your comments, in this busy world its so easy to forget how lucky we are. I have met so many incredible people through my own journey, that have overcome so much, they would all say, that they have re-evaluated what is important to them. As for Raph, I am totally with you on that, I too have a very loyal fur baby Bailey, who means everything to me.

  5. Eliane says:

    Gratitude is a wonderful, powerful thing that can really change our lives.

    I love the way you described how you incorporated it in your habits and started to appreciate “little” things such as the sound of the waves, the birds singing, your children coming back from school. Absolutely beautiful!

    I’m happy for you!

  6. Christina Piccoli says:

    I love this! The little things in life kind of go unnoticed after a while, but they’re the best things about life. Just like the poem you posted. Every blade of grass is a miracle. That’s something I try to remember daily.

    • Ali says:

      Thank you Christina, I so pleased that you loved it. I have found that sometimes we just need reminding how special and miraculous these things are, as they feed our soul.

  7. Jamie Humbert says:

    Inspiring post Ali! I have always tried to be grateful of the little things, but I’ve slipped lately. I’ve been going through some tough times recently, and this encouraged me to keep my head up. Thank you!

    • Ali says:

      Hi Jamie, sorry to hear that its been tough. I’m glad my post has helped and I hope you find a way to draw strength from this difficult time. Wishing you well. Ali

  8. Tom says:

    Hi Ali,

    Excellent and inspiring post.


    This quote I have printed off and sticking it on my wall so I can see it every morning when I get out of bed. It definitely resonates with me.

    Also, your site has been bookmarked so I make sure I visit in the future.

    Have you ever thought about writing a book on your websites topic? A lot of people around the world will definitely benefit from your writing.

    All the best,


    • Ali says:

      Hi, Tom, wow thank you for such kind words. I am delighted that you have gained so much from reading my post. The quote is so true, I base my writing from my own experiences, as there was a time when I would of started my day and ended up creating a very different existance for myself. As for writing a book, it could happen in the future, I am really loving what I am doing, and again for a long time in my life I was quite adverse to writing, so to read that it is impacting my readers means so much. Thanks again and all the very best Ali

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