Motherhood – Happiness is the Gift of You.

Motherhood- Happiness is the Gift of You

Motherhood – Happiness is the Gift of You.

There is no preparation that can be made

For the joy of those little tiny toes

Or the high pitched announcement of hunger

and feed me.

Motherhood, comes in and sweeps you of your


It is the wonder of life, a miracle to behold.

It is memories made of tender love, screaming

chaos, and hilarious memorable milestones.

It’s happiness, a gift so personal that takes our

breathe away, its the miracle of you.

Oh Motherhood is a blessing but comes with it

a curse.

To love you so tenderly, but to know that to let you spread your wings, I have to let you


and graze your knees,

when all I want to do is protect you from the dangers of the night.

It’s a job that’s not a job but the hardest job.

It’s all emotions rolled up into one but overall

it’s the greatest joy I have ever known.

To create, to love, to nurture and nourish, a

beautiful wonder that I cherished from

my own,


Motherhood, is to be celebrated, it’s strength

personified, with tenderness from a heart of love and joy…….

You will always be my beautiful little bundle of joy,

and I will always be your Mother.

For this is a happiness, like never before.❤️

Words by Ali Kavanagh

Photo Credit AndisBilderwerkstatt

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