You Bring Happiness to my World.

You Bring Happiness to my World.

I look at you and I want so much for you to feel the joy of life.

You are a gift to the world.

Your presence brings joy and happiness to so many,

and yet you don’t recognise the power that you hold.

I see you standing alone, in the background

…fading in the distance,

not recognising all that you are.

You are a star,

a measure of beauty,

you are radiant sunlight,

warm and tender.

Don’t let the damage of pasts,

stop your beauty from shining through.

You are missed,

I love you,

you are woven pieces of me…..I will never let you go…..

For you are beauty and light

and bring happiness to my world.❤️

Words by Ali Kavanagh

©Share a Little Happiness

#shinealight #love #wordsoftruth

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